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The Creator of Inner Airflow Control System
Why we create IN AFC system:

1. Mouth To Lung & Direct Lung hit

2. Airflow Speed and Pressure Take Obviously Different Effect: Suppose a certain amount of airflow going through airflow tube in a certain period of seconds, Then you close half of the airflow tube from the inside end or outside end, the speed and pressure hit the coil is obviously different. This is also the reason why it can be used at mouth to lung hit.

Con: Adjusting IN airflow is not as intuitionistic as doing it on outside airflow

A certain vaper usually use a certain airflow restriction, you can use a toothpick, allen key, tweezers or any bar-type thing to adjust the airflow; once you get your most comfortable airflow restriction, you'll not adjust it any more unless more than 1 vaper uses the same atty. That's the reason why we create IN AFC system. You can get the best flavor experience and use it as convenient as using a none adjustable airflow atty, no need to align with any airflow holes !


Build Deck -  inspired from DotRDA (Credit: DotMOD)
VAPUFF KA1 200Mesh (Exclusive) is compatible with DotRDA